Something Forever


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In Slakah’s own words “Something Forever” is “the theme that is forever at the forefront of my mind when I create music. We can easily identify music that has that indescribable timeless vibe, music that regardless of the time period in which it was created sounds refreshing and relevant when played.”

“When the Night Stood Still” : A warm summer night can evoke a variety of conflicting yet unifying emotions, Slakah’s love for the starry sky above inspired this piece which takes you on a relaxing journey through the night as it stands still.

“Something Forever”: This piece is based around an entrancing chord progression that could go on and on, hence the title.

“Living for the Rush”: We all have our own ways of escaping and feeling a rush, what ever ones rush is this, piece represents the sound track to the feeling of being in that moment.

“The Things I Do (For Her)”: When you’re passionate about someone or in this case something, that love may drive you to do things you would never imagine…

“Down”: A cool groove to make your body rock and forget about the stress of the work week.

“B-Boy Beef V2”: Version 2 to the original version found on critically acclaimed Soul Movement vol.1.

“Illusions”: What your heart feels could often conflict with what your mind feels.

The music video of “B-Boy Beef” made its official debut with adds on MuchMusic, PunchMuch, MuchCountdown, MuchMoreMusic, MuchMoreCountdown, MuchLoud, MTV2, MuchVibe and

Director Marc Andre Debruyne ( of The NE Inc. ( brought the unique concept of “B-Boy Beef” to life by embodying the line in the song which declares: “we came here to have a good time, B-Boy Beef ain’t on our minds”. Set in a club in the late 1970’s with B-Boys dressed in button-downs and neckties, and cameos from Canadian R&B talents Divine Brown, Melanie Durrant and Maya Chilton, B-boying is highlighted like never seen before with a phenomenal dance scene featuring B-Boys and B-Girls from crews Ground Illusions and Twisted Ankles. Even Slakah the Beatchild himself gets in on the b-boying action with an incredible move that has to be seen to be believed!

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