Rick Panzer - Music For The Complete Jazz Dance Class With Lea Darwin

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Nr: BBE7772024

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Originally released in 1979 on the Orion label ‘Music For Complete Jazz Dance Class With Lea Darwin’ is an absolute double vinyl treasure vault of tracks composed by percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Rick Panzer. Re-discovered by Klinkhamer Record shop boss Michel Veenstra, it is now being reissued on BBE Music as part of the Klinkhamer series.

Michel Veenstra first heard the album in the early 2000s and spent years trawling through German phone directories to find the correct Rick Panzer to get his blessings to once again release the album to a music loving public. The album itself heralded the track ‘Pre-Stretch Warm-up’ which featured on the Klinkhamer Volume 2′ compilation to great acclaim and airplay from broadcasters and DJs.

Originally conceived as music for a Jazz Ballet or Jazz Dance theatre piece the album is a masterpiece of Jazz composition and musicianship. Starting with ‘Pre-Stretch Warm-Up’, which builds on a bedrock of amazing drum breaks and warm fender Rhodes interweaving with superb vocals from Paula Eastwood, the album takes the listener, and dancer, on a ride that captures deep Jazz-Funk grooves and heavy percussion as well as laidback grooves.

‘Music For Complete Jazz Dance Class’ is an album for the dance floor, for listening at home or in the car and one that adds to any discerning music lover’s collection of vinyl must- haves.

Release date: September 27th, 2024
Format: 2LP / Digital

Vinyl Tracklist:
A1. Pre-stretch Warm Up (16:18)
B1. Floor Stretch Warm Up (05:01)
B2. Adagio 04:03)
C1. Plies (09:04)
C2. Tendus 04:32)
C3. Attitude, Leg Swings And Developes (04:40)
C4. Isolations (03:59)
D1. Bar Stretch (04:12)
D2. Jazz Walks (04:52)
D3. Jazz Turns (05:48)
D4. Jazz Leaps (05:28)


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