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Taken from his 2022 BBE/Batakari released album ‘Manifestation‘, Afro-House pioneer Boddhi Satva releases his Moda Boddhi collaboration with Dino D’Santiago as a digital single. A striking combination of Afro House and Morna inspired melody and vocals, Modha Boddhi is a Lusophonian link between peoples and cultures and a shining embodiment of the collaborative philosophy behind Boddhi Satvas Manifestation album.

Labelled as the Godfather of Ancestral Soul, Boddhi Satva weaves a seamless tapestry between a plethora of African music styles that include his own cultural references from the Central African Republic to his use of instrumentation from his home continent as well as those traditionally classed as ‘European’. His ability to fuse the sounds of the Kora and Balafon with Flute, Sax and DJ turntables and to inter-mingle Congolese Rumba with West African and Afro-Cuban rhythms is central to his music. It is no wonder then that Boddhi Satva loves to collaborate with guest musicians such as Dino D’Santiago, who bring their own cultural mix to the party.

Dino D’Santiago is a Portuguese born singer of Capo Verdean parents who had moved to Portugal from their home island of Santiago. It was the against the backdrop of the Portuguese Hip-Hop scene, his involvement in a church choir, the influx of peoples from Angola, Mozambique, Sao Tome and his Capo Verde cultural heritage that allowed Dino to flourish as a composer, musician and vocalist in his multi-cultural home parish of Quarteira. Indeed it was Hip-Hop outfits such as Da Weasel who asked Dino to create hooks for their tracks.

Manifestation is an album with over 30 artists collaborating with Boddhi Satva’s genius production values and Moda Boddhi is a track that allows Boddhi Satva and Dino D’Santiago to combine their influences in a track of absolute beauty.

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