Afro House pioneer and father of Ancestral Soul, Boddhi Satva presents his new album, ‘Manifestation’, on BBE Music offshoot Batakari.

Nr: BAT0062022

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Afro House pioneer and father of Ancestral Soul, Boddhi Satva presents his new album, ‘Manifestation’, on BBE Music offshoot Batakari.

With ‘Manifestation’ Boddhi Satva brings to a close a trilogy of long players. Following 2012’s ‘Invocation’ and 2016’s’ Transition”, this new opus completes its first cycle of Ancestral Soul.

This most conceptual of Afro House’s producers offers an ode to lovers of the genre with a project that is both easy-listening and club-ready, with more urban sounds (R’n’B, Soul, Trap, Amapiano) intertwined with the frantic rhythms of large African cities such as Bamako, Dakar or Nairobi.

In the making of ‘Manifestation’, Boddhi Satva has once again surrounded himself with artistic friends, each as talented as the next, joined by a shared need for music and magic in these dark times of global pandemic. Boddhi Satva has thus multiplied his already-prolific number of collaborators to almost thirty on this album.

On this concept project Boddhi Satva set out to break the rules by showcasing atypical voices that will send listeners on a journey from the United States through South Africa, East and Central Africa as well as many European countries. Once an Afro House ‘enfant terrible’,
it turns out Satva grew up to be a respectable boss, patiently mentoring new generations of producers.

Boddhi Satva maps, through the course of ‘Manifestation’, a path he has been tracing for two decades: bringing together people from different musical genres and backgrounds, all contributing to his singularly focussed musical and spiritual vision. In fact, more than simply a ‘Manifestation’, Boddhi Satva has signed his manifesto here.

In Boddhi Satva’s own words: “Manifestation truly represents my musical evolution through my 21 years of career in the music industry. You’d think that as the years go by I’d run out of juice and more than ever this appears as an absolute impossibility for me. Music has helped and blessed me in so many ways, strengthened me when going through emotionally challenging times, and allowed me to transcend myself in ways I couldn’t formulate in words. I dedicate this album to my mother who was alive through the making of this project but recently passed away on the 15th of February 2022, just a week before her 73rd birthday.”

Artwork was created by Omar Victor Diop, who says:
“With this visual creation, I wanted to share my testimony as Boddhi’s creative friend, knowing the intensity of the personal journey that the Ancestral Soul trilogy represents for him. ‘Manifestation’, the final chapter of this odyssey, is the reaching of the garden of consciousness, an epiphany moment in the life of any artist, where peace is savoured through the exercise of an uninhibited, pure and cathartic creation. . My brother Boddhi made it happen … and I am proud to bear witness to it with this work.”


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