Luis Radio - Straight Ahead EP

Nr: BBE647EDG2020

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Fresh from his trio of ‘Dishwater Blues’ EPs released in collaboration with Margaret Grace and Souldynamic on BBE, veteran Italian electronic producer Luis Radio returns to the label with his new offering, the ‘Straight Ahead EP’.

Title track ‘Straight Ahead’ is simply a timeless Deep House cut, with a bouncy, 90s percussive feel, jazzy chords and an ultra-funky organ solo by Martino Onorato which takes this track straight to church.

Second track ‘The Pink Suitcase’ summons up an equally classic feel, with retro bass and Latin-infused percussion, which give way to yet more stunning keyboard work from Onorato, this time on a Rhodes piano.

Closing out the EP, ‘Reaching Out’ delivers a more stripped back arrangement; muted gospel chords and an expressive synth solo giving way to a truly transcendent, passionate sax solo performed by Daniele Tittarelli.

We hope you enjoy this trio of classic instrumental House cuts, heralding the coming of warm weather and (hopefully) some magical sunset moments on the terrace.

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1. Straight Ahead
2. The Pink Suitcase
3. Reaching Out

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