Luis Radio is one of the most influential old School DJ/Producer in Italy and a veteran in the House Music Scene .

His name represents a passion and the total devotion to House Music, passion that he has shown since young when, in his cellar, he used to select music for a few friends. Since the early 80’s he created the right atmosphere for unforgettable parties, always to the insignia of the Disco and House Music.

He has begun to work at Frankie Go Club in 1989 (in Rome-Italy) not only as a Resident DJ but also as supervisor in the choice of International Artists, maintaining a musical selection planned on Garage, Disco & House Classics, Deep House and he is still rocking Rome’s dance-floors with the famous Roman Nighttime Promotions Company, From Classics On.

Between 1992 and 1995 he was Tony Humphries’ Assistant for the TH Zone at Echoes in Rimini and this experience has allowed him to improve more and more the technique of selecting records.

Luis also has held residencies in Italy for over 2 Decades, from Club Horus and Goa (which was voted one of the best clubs in Europe in 2004) to Room 26 (Rome, Italy) till 2013.

The professionalism and the seriousness shown in his job don’t stop beside a DJ booth: he built his own Recording Studio and later in 1997 together with Maurizio Clemente created two new record labels, Equal and Nitro Records. In a little time he has collected hits as Universal Groove on Kult Records with the Italian Producer Studio 32, The Violin on Equal Records with the Basement Boys or Nothing Stays The Same with Mike Dunn and Victor Simonelli always on Equal Records, Luis Radio Ft. Sabrina Johnston”House Music”(licensed also in the U.S. by Junior Vasquez for JVM), Michelle Weeks & Dawn Tallman “Joyful Noise”, “Musica” and “Let the Music” both along with the LA duo DeepSwing. His more important collaborations in the Studio have seen on his side singers as: Sabrinah Pope, Carole Sylvan, Rochelle Fleming, Darryl D’Bonneau, Mijan, Michael Watford, D’Layna, Michelle Weeks, The Chic, etc. or DJs as, Lenny Fontana, Teddy Douglas & DJ Spen (Basement Boys), Danny “Buddah” Morales, Deep Swing and many more….

Luis Radio and Raffa “The Mood”, “Jam Jam”,  ”Moa” and Luis Radio ft. Sabrina Johnston “Hope & Faith” are just some of the new releases for the 2009 out on U.S. labels as Seasons Limited, Soulfuric, Devotion and CityDeep. In the 2012 he reached the legendary UK Label BBE Music with the Single “Organismo”, DJ Spinna’s own label Wonderwax with the
single ‘The Timtrack’ and in 2013 the Terry’s Hunter T’s Crates with the single ‘Marino’ featuring Spellband.

His latest release “Eyes of the Drum” with the UK Label Makin Moves reached the best top tens around the globe and in 2018 he released on Makin Moves his new album tracks “We Can Shine” in collaboration with Stefano Guerra.

He has played as DJ Resident in different Clubs in the “Capital” Rome: Horus Club, Soul River, Akab, Akab Cave, B-Side, OM, Farneto, Goa Club, Piper, the The Saint, New Open Gate, Alien, Caf Latino, Hulala,Saponeria,Lanificio 158, Spazio900, Coho Apt, Neo Club just to name a few.

His career as DJ is not limited to the Clubs of Rome: he has worked most important clubs in Italy like Echoes, Mao Mao, ECU and Paradiso in Rimini, to the Jubilee in Bari, to the Yab Yam in Florence, to the Musik of Iesolo, to the Formula 1 and Red Zone of Perugia; Nottambula, SopraVento, Ritual in Sardinia Marabu’ in Sicily, etc. etc. to reach the Match One of Norimberga, to the Red Dog of Stoccarda and Neushwaisten (PoP Komm99) to the Pacha, Teatro Capital and the
Guillotina in Madrid, to the Double Bass, Egg, Bar54,  East Village and Garage City @ Turnmills in London and the legendary Southport Weekender in UK, The Emporium, Liquid and Solus in Cardiff, Who’s Who’s Land and The Sparrow in Bruxelles; Terminus, Prestige, Fun Planet, Baracoa, Club Elysia in Swiss, Barrage, Mamacas, Sixx, Shark and Movida
in Greece, U4 Club in Vienna, Jet Set Beach Bar in Saint Petersburg, Propaganda in Moscow, Portugal and also South and North Brasil.
Luis also reached the 360′ in Dubai with MustHaveSoul and the Armani Bar in Hong Kong.

He also has played in most of the famous Clubs in the U.S. like: End Up (Devotion Night), Ruby Skye, Mighty, Pink and the Wet Pool Party @BackFlip in San Francisco;Does Your Mama Knows in Los Angeles, Cardiff Lounge in San Jose’, Union Square BallRoom in New York; 320 Club, State, Nikki Beach (Club Shelter NYC WMC 05 Party), Bar Room, Sofi
Lounge in Miami.

He also has been Resident DJ at the SunceBeat Festival in Croatia by the Legendary UK Southport Weekender for 8 years since 2009.

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