Intangible EP - The Bonus Tracks



Intangible EP – The Bonus Tracks” features two songs that were previously only available on the vinyl LP of Georg Levin’s album “Everything Must Change”. Here the songs feature the instrumental and dub versions as well as BBE chief Peter Adarkwah’s album pick “I need to understand”.
“Intangible” is Georg’s band’s favorite song and became the opener of his live shows this year. For both the band and the audience this rather slow but infectious groove is a great warm up that puts everyone into the right gear. Listening to it on your car stereo is highly recommended.
“That Girl” is a Stevie Wonder song from the beginning of the 80s that some people might remember. As Georg puts it: “When Stevie Wonder’s ‘Original Musiquarium’ came out I was about ten years old. My godfather gave it to me and I listened to it all the time. Without knowing that it was a collection of songs from more than a decade ago, I did notice that some songs sounded to me, different than the others. It was the time when Stevie Wonder changed his organic 70s sound into his drum-machine driven 80s setup, while the songwriting more or less remained the same. ‘That Girl’ was one of the songs that marked that change and I often wondered later on how this would have sounded if Stevie came up with it a few years earlier. So the initial idea of my cover version was to ‘seventy-fy’ this song – but at the same time to put it into a modern context. The thing missing here is Stevie’s original voice, that’s why it didn’t make the CD album.

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