8 years after his first vinyl release Georg Levin can already be described as a long-time yet unlikely member of Berlin’s electronic music scene. With both his solo project and his production outfit Wahoo he is definitely too much on the soulful side to be a typical representative of the techno and rock sound the city is known for. However, it may be this supposedly alien surrounding that gives his compositions and productions a distinctive blend. Georg grew up in a small town at the river Elbe in Lower Saxony, Northern Germany, playing keyboards and saxophone in various local bands in his teenage years. After a four year stint at university in London and a music tv channel that actually showed video clips at that time he moved to Berlin in the late 90s and began to work in film production companies. Filled with musical ambition and, at the same time, dissatisfaction with his professional career, Georg teamed up with his later to become Wahoo partner Dixon at the beginning of the decade to produce his first single ‘When I’m With You’ for Jazzanova’s Sonar Kollektiv label. Three further singles (‘I Got Somebody New’, ‘In Your Car’ and ‘You Know What You Want But You Won’t Get It’) followed before the release of ‘Can’t Hold Back’ in 2003, Georg’s debut album. After a tour around Europe, the US and Japan, Georg and Dixon set up their ‘Wahoolia’ studio in Berlin and started to work on an album for their joint venture Wahoo alongside their remix work for other artists. Originally conceived as an easygoing affair, the album project mutated into something very ambitious that took them almost three years. After the club hit singles ‘Make Em Shake It’ and ‘Holding You’ the long-awaited Wahoo-LP ‘Take It Personal’ finally surfaced in 2007 on Fine/Sony Music, featuring a long list of guest musicians and vocalists as diverse as house legend Robert Owens, breakbeat rapper Capitol A, Bukovina-soul songstress Miss Platnum or Basement Jaxx’ Felix Buxton. Georg is currently working on his second solo album ‘Everything Must Change’ for BBE with his newly formed band, due to be released in February 2010. An EP (‘Falling Masonry’) with three selected tracks of the album will be out in summer 2009.

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