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Loretta Heywood is best-known for her vocal and song-writing contributions to several Bomb The Bass singles, includingthe top five hit Winter In July (1991). She started her musical journey by writing the classic Major Force tune Tribe Of Love – a much sought after bootleg in 1990 – and then collaborated with various artists and producers including Bugz In The Attic and Waiwan.
She has been away from the music scene for more than a decade but has now re-emerged with a new sound, a new concept, and a new band called Five Shades. Her new songs and remixes will be showcased on the Five Shades series of mini-albums/EPs and on her album The Boy Across The Road (the seed from which the EPs and remixes have grown).
Five Shades Of Blue features the legendary Skip McDonald, and is scheduled for release later this year, with Live Shows planned for the autumn.
Kicking off this project (and Loretta’s first solo record deal) is an album of mixes which reflects back to her past in dance music, with a string of highly-rated collaborators lending their remix talents.
Highlights from Five Shades Of Summer include: the chilled summer sounds of Butterfly; a samba mix of This Boy That Girl by Misa Negra; and Loretta’s jazzy cover of America’s 70’s classic A Horse With No Name.
Loretta has used her time away from the studio to develop her own sound and her own unique style. Beautiful melodies and deep lyrics combine with both acoustic and electronic music.

Loretta resides in West London, in ‘the heart of Portobello’, where these songs were recorded. They were mastered in Atlanta, Georgia, by Earle Holder www.hdqtrz.com. The album features fantastic artwork by BiLLy IDLe – ‘the heart of Portobello himself’.

Keep Your Head To The Sky: Daz-I-Kue provides the Brazilian-style mix for this tune which originally featured on the Co-Op album in early 2000.

Butterfly: as well as the chilled metamorphosis mix from Chris Franck that has a DeLata / Smoke City feel, additional mixes come from: Zero B (famous for the rave classic Lock Up, and more recently for his drum n bass mixes and work with The Dub Pistols); Bangtang, a new name who has opened for SBTRKT, who has produced a fine house mix; and Ashley Kember, who has contributed his dub mix.

Winter In July: a new remix of the hit by Bomb The Bass and Loretta, by Zero B

A Horse With No Name: the original mix, a beautiful guitar-based jazzy version, is by Andy Mitchell (aka the boy across the road and Loretta’s longstanding musical partner), also featured is a deep, dark, dubby mix from Continuum(consisting of Stevie Decibel, Miss Monument and Dub Ray). Continuum are a production outfit exploring new forms of music incorporating electronic and acoustic elements.

This Boy That Girl: Daz-I-Kue (Bugz In The Attic, Misa Negra) provides a fantastic Brazilian carnival mix, guaranteed to get you dancing! The original version of This Boy That Girl was co-written with producer Chris Franck from DeLata and Smoke City).

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