Loretta Heywood is best-known for her vocal and song-writing contributions to several Bomb The Bass singles, including the top five hit Winter In July (1991). She started her musical journey by writing the classic Major Force tune Tribe Of Love – a much sought after bootleg in 1990 – and then collaborated with various artists and producers including Bugz In The Attic and Waiwan.
She has been away from the music scene for more than a decade but has now re-emerged with a new sound, a new concept, and a new band called Five Shades. Her new songs and remixes will be showcased on the Five Shades series of mini-albums/EPs and on her album The Boy Across The Road (the seed from which the EPs and remixes have grown). </br>

Five Shades Of Blue features the legendary Skip McDonald, and is scheduled for release later this year, with Live Shows planned for the autumn.

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