Luis Radio & Souldynamic present: Margaret Grace – Dishwater Blues Vol. 3

Nr: BBE597EDGc2020

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Luis Radio, Souldynamic & Margaret Grace return with a third and final helping of ‘Dishwater Blues’, offering up five more elegant, soulful House cuts.

The EP opens with ‘Heaven’, a delightfully poised deep groove with powerfully spiritual lyrics from Margaret Grace, jazzy chords and tight, bouncy drums. ‘Supernatureal’ delivers more of a straight up House feel with gospel-influenced organs and life-affirming lyrics, plus a prodigious piano solo. ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ shows off a moodier side of Grace’s songwriting, with atmospheric strings and dramatic chords. ‘Moving On’ lays down a hypnotic groove with rhythmic stabs, over which the vocals simply soar. Finally, bonus track ‘Live, Love Dance’ lays out a pretty good blueprint for a happy existence, with an old-school club feel summoned up by classic 808 drums, rolling bass and chopped-up vocals.

More about the artists:
Describing herself as “just an ordinary girl with a big mouth”, Margaret Grace started her recording career in 2007 alongside local crew The Basement Boys, where her meaningful lyrics, effortless control and passionate delivery immediately stood out from the crowd. Margaret Grace and (Basement Boys’) Teddy Douglas have since collaborated on ‘God Created Woman’, ‘Circle of Life’, ‘Free My Mind’, ‘My Love is Not Blind’, ‘Try Me’ and a cover of Nina Simone’s ‘See Line Woman’ to worldwide acclaim. Margaret also covered Leela James’ ‘My Joy’ for producer Quentin Harris.

First releasing on BBE with 2011’s ‘Organismo’, Luis Radio has been a fixture in Rome’s house music scene since the early 80s. An assistant to Tony Humphries early in his career, Luis has gone to DJ at the world’s finest clubs and festivals, as well as collaborating with the likes of Barbara Tucker and Spen.
Italian duo Souldynamic have been lighting up dance-floors the world over for more than a decade, working with some of the most important voices in house music history, including Josh Milan, Margaret Grace, Peven Everett, Ultra Nate, Monique Bingham, Angela Johnson, Melba Moore and Robert Owens.

Format: Digital

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