Ziggy Funk

Red Light Syndrom EP


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Hailing from London, England, Ziggy Funk has for many years been involved with music. Picking up and learning the guitar at a young age was his first taste of his journey, to which led him to play in numerous bands. This also allowed him to incorporate different styles from funk, hip-hop, jazz, blues and world music in his repertoire. Eventually all roads looked towards house music, always loving the sound of house it was only till later in life Ziggy begun to really settle and refine his skills as a producer and DJ. Playing at many great venues such the ‘Roundhouse’ in Camden, ‘Big chill’ festival, the Legendary Soul Heaven night and the well-known East Village club in London and as well as residency for Deep Into Soul which is one of the premiere House nights in London.

Ziggy’s stand out release of ‘Everyday’ with long term musical partner, Taliwa under the mighty Foliage label received a great reception from the house community. The duo then went on and wrote another smash ‘What You Afraid’ which was released under the legendary DJ Spen’s label, Quantize recordings which also had support from one of the pioneers of house such as Louie Vega.

Ziggy’s new solo EP on BBE, Red Light Syndrome, is a product of nights listening to the voices in his head and conversing through a dusty old keyboard, a beloved bass guitar and listening back to the strange sounds on stracted up monitors. Gazing into to the sky from a top floor building the idea of the EP was born, nothing more but an expression of sound and feeling. From the raw funky grooves of Go With It & Channel Through all the way to the smooth dwellings of Word to Your Mother. Exploration of music is what this is about so put on your seat belts and let’s ride.

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