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Taken from ‘Eventual Reality’, the 2017 album by The James L’Estraunge Orchestra, BBE present cinematic jazz gem ‘We Rise’ with brand new remixes from 6th Borough Project, Planetself and Sumsuch.

Combining tonnes of musical drama with an uplifting lyrical message, ‘We Rise’ is one of the highlights of The James L’Estraunge’s transcendent debut LP ’Eventual Reality’.

Craig Smith and Graeme Clark (aka The Revenge) don their 6th Borough Project guise to deliver a shuffling, afro-tinged Deep House remix; hypnotic, uncluttered and pure. An instrumental and a pair of dub versions are also included for the heads.

Planetself (aka Inkswel and Misumami) enlist the help of spoken word artist Joseph Duigan to completely remake ‘We Rise’ in their own image; layering baggy drums, languid synths and soulful new vocal lines to the haunting keys of the original.

Retaining much of the original’s orchestral brilliance, Sumsuch turns in a low-slung, bass and drum driven House reworking of ‘We Rise’, subtly switching in and out of the original track’s unusual time signature for DJs of a 4×4 persuasion.

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