Tyrone Washington - Submission - Original / Kenny Dope Remix

Now this 45 release is a real treat, featuring both the original and Kenny Dope remix of Tyrone Washington’s timeless gem, ‘Submission’.

Nr: KD0772023

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A mysterious artist who seemingly disappeared from the scene after his last release in the mid 70’s, Washington created forward-thinking Jazz magic which has been loved ever since its original release – and sampled multiple times by the likes of A Tribe Called Quest and Pete Rock.

On the Kenny Dope remix, we are served some heavy hip-hop breaks which pump underneath the inimitable brass of the original, chopped up to add some extra spice and groove. A master of beats, Kenny does the business on this remix and the results are truly special.

Vinyl Tracklist
A1. Submission – Original
B1. Submission – Kenny Dope Remix

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