TL Audio A4 Ebony Series Class A + Tube 16x2 Summing Mixer


TL Audio A4 Ebony Series Class A + Tube 16×2 Summing Mixer (Discontinued Unit) (second hand)

Just upgraded my rig with a NEVE summing desk setup and sadly my beloved TL Audio Discrete Class A 16:2 summing mixer has to go. It is a great analogue Summing desk which can be used on both individual tracks or on the master output. I’ve recently installed a brand new valve in the unit. It also has balanced insert points on the master bus section allowing patching in stereo compressor / EQ. The unit is in great condition which has been kept in a smoke free environment with a small exception of the VU protecting plastic cover which is slightly loose and a few scratches on unit.

Packaging – No Box.
Dimensions – Dimensions – Height 88.4 mm (2U), width 483 mm, depth 250
mm (Standard 2U)
Weight –

Price – £650

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