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True Ingredients; on a mission to irrigate fertile earholes and infuse the senses with nutritionally balanced and socially responsible rebelliousness. Working as a counter-measure to the pandemic infectiousness of the polluted mainstream, the new album fuses music, live shows, technology, and sunglasses(!) in a ground breaking way…

True Ingredients is a genre busting, London based band that are ready to release their new album Through the Lens. Living up to their tag-line, “Made with 100% Imagination”, their debut album was the world’s first to be released on sunglasses.
These limited edition “Album Shades” have been worn by the likes of Sean Paul, Mischa Barton, Coolio, Kaya Scodelario and at Lovebox Festival 2011 Snoop Dogg headlined wearing the limited edition Mustard-Yellow TI Shades…Each pair boast a unique download code that enables the user to download the album from

They believe that a great album is about so much more than just a collection of songs. It could be an evolving story, energised with creativity, inspiring artwork, captivating performances, and a direct relationship to the artists. Through the Lens captures this imagination and ups the standard to introduce the world’s first Immersive Album. It will be presented through the use of ground breaking technology that will allow the listener to journey into the music and themes on the album using any digital device or platform. By interacting with 3D scenes and videos, re-mixing the music, and manipulating the imagery around each track, listeners can immerse themselves in the experience ranging from global social issues to general party mayhem.

More than anything the band loves playing live and loves getting to know a new crowd. The live shows feature an explosion of rhymes, flows, freestyles, melodies, harmonies and the kind of energy on stage that infects a venue resulting in a truly vibrant exchange between audience and performers. The intensity is fuelled by a cocktail of musical styles, fusing driving basslines, chunky beats, soulful keys and distorted guitars. The band have been touring hard since 2009 with over 300 shows. They hosted their own stage at Glastonbury with the Love Bullets Movements, performed at London Peace Week live on Kiss FM from
Trafalgar Square, live on SRS National Swiss Radio, went crowd surfing to people losing their minds at TMBase Festival in Romania and all across the UK and Europe.

The band members represent four continents and this makes for an interesting coming together of creative minds. They share the notion that originality in thought, and trueness in spirit, is an important and a powerful tool. They are advocates of mental liberation from the capitalistic mechanisation of society. At times they are introspectively enjoying the moment, and at others they are ranting menaces to an established world order. Through the lens is about various visions of life as they see it.

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