The Square

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Croatia born, Columbia based musical journeyman Tricky D’s 2014 album ‘Equanimity’ has gained something of a cult following around the globe for it’s laid-back, reggae tinged trip hop aesthetic. Following on from Steve Cobby’s and Mr Bird’s quite wonderful versions of ‘Fight You With The Love’, we are proud to present another set of remixes from the project.

Featuring stunning, heart-rending vocals by Terrence (Alfonso) Bowry (who also appears on Beam Up’s ‘Innerstand’ album), ‘The Square’ is a smooth downtempo, soulful gem; perfectly showcasing Tricky D’s unique and eclectic production style. M.G.K.’s (from Pula, Croatia) version completely re-interprets the song, transforming it into a ballad of epic proportions complete with iconic, uplifting piano chords and and a laid-back 80’s bass-line. Berlin producer General Electrick gets his tweak on with his ‘Squarehead’ remix, full of acid tweaks and heavy drums. Finally Tricky D himself give his track the dub treatment, chopping away at the vocals to make way for those wonderful horn stabs and guitar licks.

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