The Soundcatcher Instrumentals

Nr: BBE080IDG2021

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BBE Music issues instrumental versions from classic DJ Vadim album The Soundcatcher for the first time since its original release in 2007.

All work and no play can be a very dull indeed yet DJ Vadim‘s ‘The Soundcatcher’ isn’t just about hard work. It’s everything you’ve come to expect from the 4 Weetabix a day powerhouse DJ/producer/musical incendiary and so much more: unpredictable with touches of disco and Tubby-esque dub moments, varied with brushes of blues, soul and rap, urban grime bedlam with double-time bounce and ambitious combining so many influences and yet making it feel like they all fit.

Right from the start formality is thrown out the window along with the textbook instructions on How To Be a Hip-Hop DJ. Its quite clear Vadim is intent on the serious business of having a good time more than sticking to any genre. Preconceptions will not be tolerated and the only option is to surrender to his unique vision of outer space soul music. Refreshingly simple but yet somewhat seasoned and developed, The Soundcatcher is about ‘songs’ . Less ‘produced’ or ‘complex and abstract’ than some earlier outings, songs flow throughout that would make many a major label A&R exec proud but yet retain an indie rawness and a nod to Vadim’s past that even the most mixtape laden backpackers could feel.


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