The Resurge


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A scintillating introduction to ‘Resurgence’, their first collection of unreleased material in more than a decade, ‘Resurge’ is the brand new single from New York hip hop veterans DJ Spinna & Kryminul, aka Jigmastas. Earning their stripes during the ‘second golden era’ of East Coast hip hop 20 years ago, Spinna & Krym have continued to create together consistently, finally deciding this year to begin releasing music again.

Why now? As Spinna puts it “There’s a void to be filled. We are from that era of classic boom bap, funky beats with jazzy and soulful elements, lyrical witticism and slickness, and most importantly originality…” In the opening chorus of ‘Resurge’, rapper Kryminul answers the same question in his distinctive lyrical style: “so much dummies in the game that you know I feel ashamed, but you know we got this, ain’t a damn thing changed.”

Smooth, relaxed piano and horn loops ride over classic beats with Spinna’s trademarked synth bass bubbling away at the low end; a track which calls to mind the very best DITC productions from back in the day. Kryminul’s flow is just as flawless as ever; the perfect balance of conscious messages and gritty street-knowledge. With a new-found global interest in classic hip hop, the return of Jigmastas could not be more timely. Long may they keep on rockin’.

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