Emilie Nana

The Reign Of Obsolete Technology

Nr: BBE4662018

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Hailing from Lyon in France with roots in Cameroon, multi-talented producer, songwriter and vocalist Emilie Nana makes her BBE debut with new EP ‘The Reign Of Obsolete Technology’.

Since her 2016 debut album ‘The Meeting Legacy’ was released on Compost, Emilie has been making noise throughout the global underground thanks to charismatic, instantly recognizable productions and a truly unique vocal delivery.

Warm, synth-fuelled House music with an electro feel, title track ‘The Reign Of Obsolete Technology’ is topped off with Emilie’s eccentric and scintillating spoken word hooks. London production hero Simbad strips the track back to bare bones for his potent Dub Mix, tweaking the arrangement for the dance-floor.

Second original track ‘Wild Sensations’ sets up a classic Deep House bass and drum groove, while Nana’s close-mic’d vocals take on an intimate, sensual feel. Swiss DJ and producer Crowdpleaser employs garage-infused, shuffling drums and jazzy chords for his steady building ‘Hothaus’ mix.

Counting Glenn Underground among her mentors and Louie Vega among her fans, the future looks bright for Emilie Nana, an artist in the truest sense; one whose creative potential seems limited only by her desire.

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