The Real Ones (featuring Durrty Goodz)

Nr: BBE132SDG32020

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Durrty Goodz pays tribute to his friend and collaborator TY (Ben Chijioke) in the heartfelt song ‘The Real Ones’, featuring cuts by Shortee Blitz.

TY was a foundation pillar of the UK Hip Hop scene, inspiring myriad artists. Whilst many knew TY for his lyrical ability, few are aware of his production skills, developed alongside longtime collaborator Drew Horley.

It was for that very reason Goodz decided to highlight the fact by using the instrumental version of TY’s own song ‘Me’, taken from his 2010 BBE album ‘Special Kind of Fool’.

Durrty Goodz is a highly respected grime MC, rapper and activist from London, active in the scene since 2003. Under his ‘OG Roots’ alias, he collaborated with on 2018 track ‘Eyes Open’, which was featured on TY’s final album ‘Work Of Heart’.

All proceeds from this track go directly to TY’s family.

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