The Kings Of Drum & Bass

Nr: BBE1132010

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After a short hiatus one of the world’s most credible dj led compilation series returns to the forefront with impeccable pedigree as always. The Kings of Drum + Bass is set to rumble bass bins across the world.

The innovative 4Hero take control of one half of this compilation with a mixture of classic hardcore era drum + bass, to upfront monster jams.

True originators are thin on the ground but 4hero’s claim is more robust than most. As pioneers of Jungle/Drum & Bass, they massively changed the face of 90’s music and made a huge contribution to dance culture.

Forging ahead with new beats and new techniques, the London duo have released a steady stream of precious moments and crafted a sound which is entirely their own.

The amazing DJ Marky provides the sounds of the second half of this epic compilation. DJ Marky endured a meteoric rise to stardom, fuelled by the success of “LK” reaching Number 15 in the UK Top 20 chart. He further catapulted his status by delivering what is widely referred to as one of the greatest compilations of all time – “The Brazilian Job”.

The Kings of Drum +Bass features the music of stalwarts such as Roni Size, Goldie, 4Hero, Dj Marky and Marcus Intalex and this comp shows off the skills of dj’s at the top of their game. For the first time ever, a Kings of compilation will also be available in its entirety on all good digital platforms.

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