The Cromagnon Band - Bad Night / Quadrant

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Releasing as a vinyl 45, Bad Night is the lead offering from The Cromagnon Band’s new album Mode. This is the band’s second LP and the first of theirs to be released on BBE Music. Mode itself is an album of cinematic and psychedelic dark Funk tinged and tinted with Nordic psych/jazz, classical, boom-bap Hip-Hop breaks and riff heavy rock.

Bad Night is backed with Quadrant, a stand alone track that won’t be on the album, thus making the vinyl single release a unique addition to the music lover’s record collection. That said, these are are two tracks which give both a genuine flavour of the forthcoming album as well as the band’s own musical influences and heritage as instrumentalists and producers. The Cromagnon Band’s recording technique of taking breaks, riffs and melodies from favourite tracks and then improvising from there with completely live jam sessions in the studio allows them to record in their distinct and trademark ‘reverse engineering’ style.

The trio of Drummer Tom Watt, Bassist Lenny Walker and multi-instrumentalist Bert Page work by making music as a team, playing for hours and united by a love of Hip-Hop breaks and psychedelic Jazz/Rock/Funk and classical music. They choose to record only instrumentals which allows space for Bert to weave intricate soundscape with Fender Rhodes, Moog, Sax and Clarinet over the beats and breaks they have written from their improvised jams.

Bad Night b/w Quadrant are the lead releases from The Cromagnon Band’s new album Mode. They will be released as a 7″ vinyl and digitally.


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