The Brkn Record - Cut The Cheque

Nr: BBE766SDG2024

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Introducing “Cut The Cheque” – the groundbreaking single from the highly anticipated sophomore album by The Brkn Record, The Architecture of Oppression Part 2. This album is set to delve deep into the human condition and shed light on the impact of systemic racism.

Featuring the incredible talent of Hip Hop stalwart Percee P and the emerging artist Great Okosun, “Cut The Cheque” is a powerful track. Percee P delivers thought-provoking lyrics, addressing the long overdue recognition and reparations owed to the true builders of the British and Western Empires. As he passionately raps, “Melanated people need to be celebrated not relegated to something hella hated… cut the cheque.”

This track oozes the richness of a vintage public enemy Bomb Squad production, showcasing The Brkn Record’s exceptional musicianship. This is an organic record made with organic instruments, rich arrangements and visceral playing.

Adding even more depth to the song is the 24-year-old Great Okosun, who flawlessly cuts to the chase and eloquently tackles the issues of racial bias and the institutionalisation of racism.

‘Cut the Cheque means that we no longer sit by and let our lives be Used for Free’ Great Okosun.

“Cut The Cheque” is a must-listen for anyone seeking music that tackles important social issues head-on. Get ready to be moved and inspired by this standout track from The Brkn Record – Architecture of Oppression Part 2.

Format: Digital
Release Date: March 15th, 2024


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