The Brkn Record - Believe

Nr: BBE766SDG22024

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“Believe” is the second single from The Brkn Record’s upcoming album, “The Architecture of Oppression Part 2”, brought to you by the widely cherished BBE Music. As The Brkn Record, Jake Ferguson concocts a sonic masterpiece that fuses traditional Jazz tempo akin to Sun Ra’s “Space is the place” with a grounded futuristic perspective, embedding compelling radical musings and positive affirmations.
His creation is more than just music – it’s an artistic expression thoughtfully crafted to challenge and uplift your perception on individual freedom. A profound endeavor to redefine the conventional understanding of liberty.

This narrative is poetically encapsulated in the intro and outro by Toyin Agbetu, a scholar of African history and politics with the innate ability to succinctly draw understanding on systemic racism, the struggles Black People endure within it, and hint towards viable solutions.
“Our freedom must be attached to our desire to be free, to remember and manifest what it means to be free and not freed.”

“Believe” also showcases the uniquely talented polymath Ugochi Nwaogwugwu, award winning poet, reputed musician, poetry mentor, and the heart behind Spirit Speaks Inc. With “Believe”, Ugochi gives a mesmerizing performance in the vein of June Tyson (Sun Ra) merging impeccably with Toyin’s powerful words and the futuristic production spawned by The Brkn Record. Ferguson once again expands the pantheon of multi talented creatives he has selected to bring us “The Architecture of Oppression Part 2”.

Release Date: April 19th, 2024
Format: Digital


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