The Band Behind The Front...



Bucky Jonson is the ‘back bone and driving musical force behind…Black Eyed Peas.’ They’re ‘directly involved with the writing, recording and producing of the 16 million albums sold by the BEP.’ (http://buckyjonson.com/news.html) Two of the four members of Bucky Jonson have been with the BEP for over 8 years. The group are based in Los Angeles, California. Printz Board is, “The Coach,” running the plays and keeping it together on keys, trumpet, and bass. George Pajon is, “El Cubano,” bringing his guitars with a mix of rum, cigars, and pork. Keith Harris is, “Black Ice,” maintaining a strong hand on the drums and keys. Tim “Izo” Orindgreff is, “The Dirty Flautist,” trying to stay out of trouble while handling the woodwinds, guitar, and mpc. Four musicians from different backgrounds, making one unified sound. Bucky Jonson is the best band you have already heard.” The overall sound is funk influenced with a few tracks on the album with a latin vibe. Musically sophisticated and original, with no obvious samples heard. Guest’s include Fergie, Debi Noval

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