The Atlantic Connection EP



Brand new on the hip hop scene, Clutch Player’s journey into music started from a young age, writing songs laced with the influence of guitar-based bands such as Radiohead. Using this influence as the backbone of his sound, he sunk his teeth into hip hop culture, delving into the sounds of the Wu Tang Clan, De La Soul, Gangstarr and The Boot Camp. This sparked a desire to marry the two genres of sound, leading to the purchase of an MPC2000, a staple in beat-making hardware.

Clutch Player used his skills to create beats for friends and emcees, going on to form various groups. Continuously making new beats, he built awareness through the internet and turned the heads of an array of great hip hop artists such as Prince Po, Sean Price and Insight. Having formed solid friendships with these artists, he has collaborated with them to produce his first solo LP titled, “Atlantic Connection All Stars.”

Clutch Player’s beat awareness comes from splicing his early love for bands with the styles of hip hop artists, ranging from J Dilla, Jazzy Jeff to DJ Premier. With this focus in mind, it has opened the door for Clutch Player to explore and break down walls in the world of modern hip hop.

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