Tekilla - Olhos De Vidro

Nr: BAT003ADG2021

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BBE Music’s baby sister label Batakari welcomes Portuguese hip-hop pioneer Tekilla, presenting his long awaited fourth studio album, ‘Olhos de Vidro’.

In this, his first full-length project since 2014, Tekilla looks back on a long career in music, from slinging mixtapes back in ’95 right through to the present day. Collaborating with a combination of old friends and new faces, the album features Dino D’Santiago, Papillon and Amaura Margarinhos among others. Directly translated as ‘Glass Eyes’, ‘Olhos de Vidro’ is produced by Fred Ferreira (Orelha Negra, Buraka Som Sistema, Banda do Mar). An album without filters, benefitting from all the wisdom gained throughout his long journey in music, Olhos de Vidro shows Tekilla’s years of hard work and natural talent maturing together like fine wine.

Telmo Galeano, aka Tekilla, was born in Peniche to Angolan and Italian parents. Part of the first wave of Portuguese MCs, he was instrumental in building a scene for the music he loved during the 1990s. In 2005 he formed the super-group MadVision, a collective comprising Sam The Kid, KacETO and DJ Link, creating an eponymous album that has gone on to become a bona fide classic in Portugal. Galeano is also a former nationally ranked competitive skateboarder, and nowadays splits his time between making music and working as a stylist for the likes of DJ Craze, David Guetta, Fernando Cabral, and Nélson Freitas to name just a few.

About Batakari:

A new collaborative venture from Boddhi Satva and BBE Music founder Peter Adarkwah, the Batakari Music label launched in 2020, committed to delivering deeply rooted, futuristic, inventive African sounds from across the continent and beyond.

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