Tekilla - Gratidão

Nr: BAT003SDG32022

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Gratidão (grateful in Portuguese) is the new single from Tekilla on BBE’s sister label Batakari Music, produced by one of Portuguese hip hop’s biggest rappers: Sam The Kid.

Says Tekilla: “this track was composed during a period of personal reflection. At a time that chaos is mostly everywhere, it becomes difficult to see the positive side, but I always try to see the good side of things. I am sure that many of those who hear it will identify – I invite everyone to do a deeper retrospective and I’m sure you’ll find you did good in the end. It’s time to spread love, to give thanks instead of regret. I invited Sam The Kid to produce, who I grew up with in the hip hop culture and who is probably one of those who best understands my art. Also joining us for a Portuguese-speaking touch of Brazil is Camila Masiso leading the chorus and bringing tropicality and good vibes to this track.”

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