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Rude Movements (Moodymann & Kenny Dope Remixes)

Nr: ALIM0082020

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Production heroes Moodymann and Kenny Dope revisit one of electronic music’s foundation records, Rude Movements by SunPalace, with brand new remixes issued on BBE Music’s vinyl-only offshoot imprint ALIM.

Presented on strictly limited 7” vinyl, Moodymann and Kenny Dope pay tribute to a New York Loft classic first made famous by David Mancuso, which strongly influenced both artists early in their careers, as well as helping to shape the early House Music movement in the hands of Larry Levan, Nicky Siano, Frankie Knuckles and Danny Krivit among many others.

Two of the modern electronic scene’s most consistent innovators and elevators, Moodymann and Kenny Dope were selected by SunPalace producer Mike Collins himself to rework the track. Sadly, Mike passed away in late 2018 before either version was completed, but as a fan of both artists, we’re sure Mike would have been excited by both of these loving and reverent revisions to his iconic work.

Recorded in 1981s at Mike’s home studio in London, ‘Rude Movements’ was originally released as the B-Side to a track called ‘Winning’. A true Brit-funk oddity, the track’s improvised nature and lack of vocal hooks initially consigned it to obscurity, until its pristine sonics and irrepressible groove caught the ear of David Mancuso and he presented it at his already influential Loft Party.

Moodymann’s remix retains the ‘jammed’ feel of Rude Movements, introducing stellar flute, sax and piano solos over the groove, while remaining utterly faithful to the original vibe.

Kenny Dope’s ‘Dancefloor Powder’ version adds a vintage Afro-Latin drum break into the mix, while showcasing the original’s epic synth solo.

A deluxe double vinyl package containing extended versions of these remixes, plus several more, is planned for release on BBE Music in 2021.

Max 2 per customer. 7″ edit exclusive to the vinyl.

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