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With their self-titled debut album about to drop on BBE Music, transatlantic duo Sons of The Sun offer up new single ‘Sun Gods’, with a remix produced by M. Jelani Brooks featuring MonoNeon, Frank Moka and Mr. Lif.

A remote collaboration between Texas singer-songwriter JTronius and London-based producer Maverick Quest, Sons of the Sun features a truly global selection of luminary guests and musicians. ‘Sun Gods is surely one of the forthcoming debut album’s highlights, featuring trumpet by Jason Hunter and percussion by Brandon Mayes.

“It’s a dedication to the sun and the various ways throughout time people have perceived how the sun should be personified and spiritualized” says JTronius. “I told M. Jelani Brooks we were lookin’ for the right producer for a possible Sun Gods Remix. We met in Dallas and he said, ‘I’ll produce it and get MonoNeon and Frank Moka on there as well’. It was a no-brainer. Maverick and I both thought it needed the right rapper to bless it and a mutual friend of Mr. Lif’s FaceTimed me shortly after and said he needed me on a hook for one of his jams, so I told him I’d make a trade if he would perform a verse on the remix. Then Carl Eisman sprinkled some gorgeous guitar on there, and voila.”

Perfectly capturing the spirit of the Sons of The Sun’s organic and natural collaborative vision, this special remix was mixed by Grammy nominated engineer Clinton “Ubiquity” McCreery and mastered by Shawn Joseph at Optimum Mastering. Album ‘Sons of The Sun’ will be released December 3rd 2021 on vinyl, CD and digital formats.


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