Sly Johnson - Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin

Release date – September 16th 2022
Format – Digital
Sly Johnson reimagines this iconic funk classic by his namesake Sly and the Family Stone. Following his critically acclaimed album 55.4 , Sly shows that he still has more funk to share with the world.

Nr: BBE680SDG32022

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The original Sly and the Family stone track bookended the funk era, where jazz was replaced with funky riffs. Johnson takes the 1969 slap bass funk and modernises it in his own funky neo-soul style.

The ‘Dilla-Timed’ production is married seamlessly with Johnson’s soulful vocals, with Laurent Salzard on bass and Anthony Jambon on guitar , this cover fits right in with the vibe of the much loved 55.4 album.

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