Simbad presents Collections Volume One

Nr: BBE5752019

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London production hero and DJ Simbad (aka SMBD) joins forces with BBE Music for retrospective album ‘Collections Vol.1’.

Despite having produced a stellar series of remixes for the label over the years, ‘Collections Vol.1’ is Simbad’s debut on BBE as an artist, so he’s brought a few friends along for the ride.
The album features guest vocals from Lulu James, LaAerial, Entek, Byron The Aquarius, Rae Rae, Claudia Smith and Miryam Solomon, all deftly framed by Simbad’s distinctive, warm, jazz-infused production.

Although a constant traveller, Simbad’s affinity with the UK, and in particular London, has placed him at the centre of the city’s music scene for many years now; with influences and inspirations flowing in both directions between him and his adopted hometown.

Says Simbad: “I came to London end of the 90’s with my saxophone for a summer and ended up staying. This is the place where my music journey as a DJ & a producer truly began. The culture of this island hit me hard &  deep. And because most of the stuff I’ve done is still unreleased (and I never stop making music where ever I go) I am absolutely delighted to share this collection of tunes featuring some of the most talented singers (and friends for life) that I had the pleasure to work in these last 10-15 years, recorded in my London studio sanctuary throughout the years. And hopefully even the old songs still stand the ground…”

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Tracklist vinyl EP:
a1 Simbad – Elevate (feat. LaAerial)
a2 Simbad – Let Go (feat. Steve Spacek)
a3 Simbad – Rainin’ Luv (Dub)
b1 Simbad – Get Your Sh Together (feat. Byron The Aquarius)
b2 Simbad – Thankful (feat. Miryam Solomon)

Tracklist CD:
1. Paradigm Message 0718
2. Day By Day feat. Lulu James
3. Elevate feat. LaAerial
4. Oozing (Instrumental)
5. 1010
6. Royal feat. Entek
7. Get Ur Sh Together feat. Byron The Aquarius
8. Good To You feat. Rae Rae
9. If U
10. Circles & Motions feat. Claudia Smith
11. Innit Dub
12. Thankful feat. Miryam Solomon
13. Rainin Luv

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