Seven Heven compiled by Mark Webster


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The revolution starts here!
With World Record Store Day just behind us, bringing with it the news that vinyl sales were up 12% in 2010, what better time for BBE records to proudly announce the release of a compilation album that celebrates great new music, from across the globe, released by a series of independent labels, and all born on popular music’s original and most natural format – the 7” single.
Compiled by broadcaster, journalist, DJ and long time black music fanatic Mark Webster, SEVEN HEVEN brings together music released since 2000 by labels from the UK , Europe and America and highlights what is a burgeoning scene encompassing musicians, singers, DJs, clubs, gigs and an ever growing following of enthusiasts.
And because this music is released by indie labels, a lot of it is already in the hard-to-get category – making SEVEN HEVEN an even more essential collection of music, Good is great, but good and rare, even better!!
SEVEN HEVEN taps into all areas of the black music genre – sweet soul, organ-heavy soul jazz, pure funk, classy disco, vocal jazz, latin and all stops in between. Indeed, one of the tunes, ‘Better Living’, was only originally available on download so we became part of the solution, not the problem and pressed up our own 7” single. Thus, it’s on the compilation.
The 7” single is certainly making a comeback across the whole of pop – it always was and remains the symbol of ‘youth music ‘ – and on SEVEN HEVEN we see that ‘punk’ attitude writ large. SAY IT LOUD, I’M 7 AND I’M PROUD!

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