Searching (The Africa 70 Version) / Brand New Feeling



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Searching (The Africa 70 Version)

The Players Roy Ayers – Vibes/ Vocals, Rhodes, Diane Venter – Vocals, Chuck Anthony – Guitar, William Allen – Bass, Bernard Purdy – Drums Mixed by John Hopkins, NYC

Side B Brand New Feeling

The Players Merry Clayton – Lead vocals, Roy Ayers – Keys, Sylvia Cox – Lead Vocals, Justo Almario – Tenor Sax, John Mosley – Trumpet William Allen – Bass, Steve Cobb – Drums

Words barely do justice to the significance of the forty years plus of recording and performing which Roy Ayers has bestowed on us. From the day in 1945 when Lionel Hampton saw this ecstatic 5 year old jumpin’ with joy at what he had just heard, and handed him the gift of a lifetime, a set of his vibe mallets…his destiny was set. In 2003 Roy continues to pack venues round the world, playing with the same energy and passion that he exhibited back in 1945 listening to The Lionel Hampton Big Band.

For many today his recordings with Polydor during the 1970’s are those best remembered, his golden period, often sampled, and still very relevant, as has been realised by no less than fourteen different ‘best of’s’ over the last twenty years.

The first single from ‘Virgin Ubiquity’, a collection of previously unreleased material from this golden period, has a remarkable collection of musicians; Bernard Purdy (played with Aretha Franklin, Steely Dan, Isaac Hayes ), Merry Clayton (sang with Elvis Presley, The Supremes, Ray Charles, The Rolling Stones), Jimmy Cobb (played with Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane and Stan Getz) some of the better known ones.

Searching –a spiritual journey, as it develops taking on a life of his own, growing into a ten minute joyous musical journey.

Brand New Feeling- Achingly orgasmic love song, putting to shame a whole new generation of female singers, leaping out of your system, sounding fresher than anything we’ve heard for many years.

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