Roots, Shoots And Leaves: Repotted


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Born of festival fields and raucous warehouse parties, More Like Trees radiate individuality from every facet. Theirs is a sound like no other: foot-stomping, heart-pounding, and infectious. This is an altermodern melting pot of styles reimagined as acoustic dance music. A meeting of drum’n’ bass and folk, with knowing nods towards flamenco and gypsy influences that they call ‘Strum n’ Bass’.
More Like Trees has a constantly shifting line-up but at its core is the precocious songwriting talent of singer Joshua Whitehouse on guitar and the blurred hands of brother Matt Whitehouse on Cajon (box- drum). Joining them on their critically acclaimed debut album Roots, Shoots, and Leaves, is classical bassist Lachlan Radford, but you’re just as likely to see them performing with keys or beat-boxer, often in collaboration with some of the UK’s finest underground acts.

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