Rising One

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New Zealand born singer, SACHA VEE began performing from an early age. Her talent as a vocalist was recognised at the age of 16 when she was awarded “Best Jazz Vocalist” at the New Zealand National Jazz & Blues Festival. Known for a “voice beyond her years”, Sacha’s majestic performances were very much sought after for collaborations ranging from Soul Electronic (‘Chrysalis’ – Benny Tones) to Drum&Bass (‘Three Dimensions’ – State of Mind). One successful collaboration was with Polish hip hop star O.S.T.R for the track “Pyschological Tluma” which went Platinum and since has garnered over 10million views on youtube.

With already one successful EP (released 2011 by Sweet Soul Records), over 20 collaborations and many memorable performances under her belt, Sacha Vee, now based in Amsterdam, is about to unleash a taste of what’s to come on a new EP which blends the earthy roots of Jazz & Soul with the raw elements of hip hop & electronic pop beats (Killing Skills & Chef Red) perfectly into what she likes to call, ‘Future Soul’.

With a voice that falls effortlessly somewhere between Erykah Badu & Joss Stone and the determination to be heard on a global scale, make no mistake her entrancing sound will leave you stilted in your tracks. You may wonder, this industry’s tough, has she got what it takes? To which her reply will be, “don’t you worry…I’m in it for the long haul”.

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