Revolution N°5 Sick Tricks and Urban Bass


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The Sick Girls are about combining art with street culture. Their style is fresh, hot, bubbly and all about the bass.

Revolution N° 5 boldly proclaims that there have been 4 big revolutions in dance music up until now: Disco, Hip Hop, Techno and Drum & Bass – it’s now time for a sound that reflects all that happened before. With this compilation laced with their fresh edits and compositions, they reference all their different musical identities: there’s a bow to the Beatles with their Revolution 9 sound collage. The Sick Girls created their own Revolution N°5 sound collage. It contains Hip Hop samples but with an inclination towards Techno using disco influences and a pinch of Drum & Bass attitude. Alex and Johanna say about this – “We find it in the new school music that’s coming out of the streets. We are the bass sensing looking glass that spots every new promising trend and incorporates it in our style. If it’s good, we got it. First. This record is for all that want to have a look at what’s going on in the dance music underground of today. It’s the Sick Girls and their special lense.”

This is about musical revolution.

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