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Reflections of Carol Williams

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Carol Williams is one of the first ladies of disco. The first female artist signed to Salsoul Records, her 1976 album “’Lectric Lady” on the label was the first of any solo act, her single ‘More’ was one of the genre’s first ever 12”s. Her second album, 1979’s ‘Reflections Of Carol Williams’, saw her part company with Salsoul and assume full creative control for the first time in her career.

Employing her talents as a writer, as she had a decade earlier when part of girl group The Geminis,  ‘Reflections Of Carol Williams’ is a much more personal statement, full of richly orchestrated disco songs and several mid-tempo numbers just waiting to be rediscovered by soul and disco fans alike.

With 1978’s ‘Love Has Come My Way’ Carol had scored a hit with producer Tony Valor and it was to his distinct talents she returned for ‘Reflections Of…’ Now rightly regarded as one of disco’s most important early producers (not least thanks to Maryann Farra’s legendary 1976 LP for Brunswick), Valor’s Latin-edged percussion, prominent rhythm guitar and expert orchestration run throughout  ‘Reflections Of Carol Williams’. High tempo disco hit ‘Dance The Night Away’ kicks things off, but later the more cute and soul-edged ‘Love Constitution’ and ‘I Get It’ reveal their allure, particularly upon repeated listens.

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1. Dance The Night Away
2. Tell The World About Our
3. Love Constitution
4. Take Your Time
5. I Get It
6. I Need You Baby
7. He’s My Man

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