Reaching The Highest Pleasure

Nr: BBE535SDG22020

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Discovered among the storied Roy Ayers ‘Virgin Ubiquity’ studio session tapes, BBE Music presents ‘Reaching The Highest Pleasure’, a previously unreleased gem capturing Ayers and his band at their smooth and soulful best.

Lovingly remastered by Optimum mastering in Bristol, this lost masterpiece recorded in June 1977 features a sumptuous bass-line and ultra-tight groove, over which Roy’s extended vibraphone solo simply soars.

For reasons lost to the mists of time, ‘Reaching The Highest Pleasure’ was never included on either volume of BBE’s ‘Virgin Ubiquity’ albums, however eagle-eared music fans may remember a slightly different version being championed by Gilles Peterson around a decade ago.

As we all know, pleasure is most rewarding when it’s shared, no matter how long it takes, so enjoy this previously unpublished page of musical history from the Godfather of neo soul himself, Mr Roy Ayers.

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