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Osunlade is a globally renowned DJ, sending dance floors across the world into a frenzy with his trademark deep spiritual house sound. When he plays, he parties as much as the very people he is there to make dance, there are very few djs who feel the vibe their spreading, in the way he does.

Osunlade is no stranger to BBE, having produced one of the highlights of the Exit music album (an epic cover of Everything In Its Right Place); the beautiful live concept album Aquarian`Moon, inspired by a visit to the enchanted Greek Island of Santorini, (so inspiring that he moved there) plus numerous remixes including DJ Jazzy Jeff ‘s Rock With You and Roy Ayers ‘ Tarzan.
Osunlade reveals his latest offering:
“Passage, is an exploration of the current transition of deep house thru a more electronic, minimalistic sound. I chose songs that I felt were consistent with what I understand as soulful yet exists in the territory of tech. The mix begins as most of my dj mixes, with a nice build, vocal impressions and carry onward to a more freelance style of the genre.”

The mix features his own productions, aswell as prodigious talents mentored and enriched by his guidance, such as Boddhi Satva who has evolved a very minimal yet spiritual sound.

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