Pascal Morais - 3 Steps Ahead

Batakari Music presents: “3 Steps Ahead,” a thrilling 3-track EP poised to ignite your love for Amapiano and Afro Beat rhythms! Crafted by the visionary Pascal Morais, a trailblazer in the Afro Deep House realm, this EP marks a daring exploration into uncharted musical territories. Pascal stands out as a distinguished name in the worldwide underground Afro Deep House scene, charting his own course in the music industry with unwavering dedication. Rather than pursuing the conventional routes of fame and wealth, Pascal has remained faithful to his vision and the music he adores, making no compromises.

Nr: BAT0082024

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With this EP Pascal takes us on a journey where he transcends the confines of traditional genres to birth “3 Step” – a pulsating fusion of Amapiano drums and the infectious rhythms of Afro Beat and Deep Afro House. It demonstrates why he is admired by internationally renowned artists: Black Coffee, Atjazz, Osunlade, Louie Vega, Mr V, and Djeff, among others.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Pascal Morais has carved a niche in underground radio, championing Afro House through his acclaimed show and events, HOJA. Tune in to his electrifying sets on Deep FM in Holland and Drum’s Radio London, where he curates the finest sounds the genre has to offer. Pascal is committed to the advancement and recognition of Afro House music, aiming to bring the underground Afro sound to a wider audience. He is driven by a firm belief in the genre’s potential to establish a significant global presence, akin to its success in South Africa.

We know you will enjoy “3 Steps Ahead,” where every track pulsates with its own unique flavour and energy, promising to animate any party. Dive into the title track, “3 Steps Ahead,” a sonic manifesto of Pascal’s latest musical endeavor. Feel the nostalgia wash over you with “Talk Nerdie,” as retro 8-bit synth textures collide with the vibrant rhythms of Afro Beat, creating a dancefloor sensation like no other. Protegé is a Deep Afro House gem destined to be a part of any bass and dance loving DJ’s set…


Format: Digital
Release Date: April 12th, 2024

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