Opus 76BPM

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‘Opus 76BPM’ is the debut album from Berlin-based composer, producer and hip hop futurist Jim Dunloop, after several co-productions with DJ Marc Hype. A dedicated pianist for over 30 years, Jim’s musical chops are evident throughout this lush, jazzy and soulful long player. Sticking entirely to one tempo (76 beats per minute, as the title suggests), the project displays an astounding amount of breadth and variety, proving that actual speed has little to do with the perceived pace of music.

Featuring outstanding vocal performances from Chicago rapper S. Squair Blaq, singers Devon Parker and Sherry Trotter, beatboxing from Berlin’s Soulrock alongside guitar from Parisian Maxime Vaugon and scratching from Poland’s Mr Krime, ‘Opus 76BPM’ is truly an international effort. With artwork from Animisiewasz Startt designed as a visual representation of the magic 76bpm tempo, fans of Dilla-esque hip hop, neo-soul and trip hop will surely delight in Jim Dunloop’s first appearance on BBE.

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