Once Upon A Time In Wigan Vol II



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You’ve gravitated by whatever means or background to attending the most atmospheric, musically intense, smart, stylish, wonderland of your young life. It has everything, it’s out of hours, it’s out of bounds for many, it has an underlying feeling of illegality, it’s underground, and It’s sheer excitement from the start of the weekend to whenever it might end. It is 1973. It is The Wigan Casino.

The Wigan Casino was The Heart of soul, the finest place in all the world. From 1973 to 1981 there were weekly all-nighters ? eight saturated hours of pure beauty, pure rhythm ? pure soul! 60s and 70s masterpieces belted out in an old music hall mixed with the sweat, adrenaline, talcum powder and any other assistance the devoted northern soul dancer could summon up to keep him or her whirling round the floor for hours on end. Once Upon A Time In Wigan is play, a loving celebration of what it was like to actually be there! From the queue to get in, the charge up the stairs, the record bar and the bogs; yes the legendary bogs! Bathed in wit and pathos, but most of all in priceless Northern Soul classics; the show charts the birth of modern all night rave and dance culture, the death of old industries, the old certainties and in the end the death of Wigan Casino itself. A time to come of age and face up to the real world ? Mrs Thatcher

This album is the soundtrack to the play, and includes very rare and unreleased tracks from the classic period of Northern Soul.

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