Kon & Amir - Off Track Vol. 2


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Putting together five mix compilations of never before re-released music is enough to turn the most ardent music collector grey. To make it relevant today in the frenetic music market place is virtually impossible. Step forth Kon & Amir, their fanatical love of music, and inexhaustible appetite for the next sound, makes them the undisputed kings of their very own genre ‘off track’. Years ago it was called ‘rare groove’ but somehow the rare got less so, now you can sit in your local Dr’s surgery, peruse the fruit & veg at your local supermarket, to the soundtrack of those hot sweaty underground clubs that used to champion such sounds.

A new millennium, a new breed of producers who grew up in these clubs started to sample their heroes & copy their style. This new generation of music heavily influenced by the sound of black American music of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s, is hugely evocative of the past. The off track series brings us sounds of yesteryear, that could have been recorded today, beautiful music to dance to, to relax to, to drive and no doubt some day in the future your local supermarket may provide it, to shop to.

This second instalment has Kon taking us on a magical disco mystery tour, peppering his mix with his customary re-edits. Amir takes us on an African safari, his mix evoking the sounds and smells of this beautiful continent.


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