MUST B 21 Soundtrack To Get Things Started

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What happens if you go to a company that’s not a record company to make a record? Or what happens if you go to Barely Breaking Even Records to make a record?

In the case of ‘Must be 21’ the same thing, will I am given total freedom to explore his artistic sensibility thereby continuing the spirit of the ‘Beat Generation’.

Mustb21 is a collection of confident hip-hop, skilfully fused with elements of jazz, funk, electro, rock and soul. It features performances by hip hop legends KRS-One, MC Lyte, Planet Asia, and Phife from Tribe Called Quest.

Mustb21 was created for use in a marketing campaign for a new drink ‘Zima’ ,the concept is a soundtrack for the evenings first act, an original collection of songs that sets a positive vibe.

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