Running Out of Time

Nr: BBE763SDG2024

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“On January 19th, the renowned artist and production duo, musclecars, is set to release their latest single, “Running Out of Time,” a poignant exploration of time, space, and life’s relentless pace. Releasing as a digital single, “Running Out of Time” will be fans’ first taste of new music from native Brooklynites Brandon Weems and Craig Handfield since their Shelter (Building It, Still) EP back in 2021.

The composition unfolds with a hard hitting kick drum, eventually revealing a pulsating rhythmic voyage, accelerated by the urgent use of sirens. As the piece builds with striking snares, musclecars capture the essence of frustration and desire, resonating with the pulse of those who have felt the push and pull of life’s inexorable pace. The arrangement, with its electro-bass and Afro-Latin percussion, becomes a canvas upon which the listener can paint their own story— a story of fleeting moments, missed connections, and the perpetual dance with time.

As the second half of the piece gracefully reveals itself, we come to understand that “Running Out of Time” is not just a club anthem, but a sonic journey. One that immerses dancers in a realm where emotions are expressed through rhythms, and time seems to stretch and contract with each synth line. Through this mesmerizing climax, a profound sense of acceptance washes over us, lifting burdens and embracing the emotions stirred in the opening passage.

“Running Out of Time” heralds musclecars’ beautiful relationship with BBE Music. It follows the earlier release on the label of their critically acclaimed re-imaginations of Jazzanova’s own versions of “Beyond The Dream”. Once again Brandon and Craig draw the lines and create the channels that marry the imagination with the dance floor.”

Release Date: January 19th, 2024
Format: Digital


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