Ha Ya! (Eternal Life)

Nr: BBE763SDG22024

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The second single to come from musclecars’ debut LP “Sugar Honey Iced Tea!” is a transcendent sonic masterpiece by the name of “Ha Ya! (Eternal Life)”. This captivating broken beat, Afro-jazz composition delves into the enigmatic realms of the afterlife, offering a mesmerizing exploration of what lies beyond our mortal existence.

A nod to the Clark Sister’s original tune bearing the same title, “Ha Ya! (Eternal Life)” gracefully unfolds with the captivating vocal performance by German Jazz Award Winner, Natalie Greffel. Chanting the same spiritual tongues of the original, the vocal arrangement seamlessly invokes profound feelings of devotion and endurance. Paired with a phenomenal flute solo from Underground System’s Domenica Fossati, and a transcendent string ensemble, the track’s intricate rhythms and soulful melodies serve as a portal to a realm where the afterlife is painted in hues of cosmic wonder.

This sonic revelation is more than a tribute to the afterlife; it’s a celebration of life’s continuity beyond death. musclecars’ evocative storytelling through sound invites audiences to ponder the echoes of their own existence, finding solace in the idea that life persists through the legacy of their passion, devotion, and profound connections.

Releasing as a digital single, “Ha Ya! (Eternal Life)” serves as an enticing precursor to the forthcoming vinyl LP release “Sugar Honey Iced Tea!” scheduled for May 2024. This Jazz odyssey offers a glimpse into the diversity of musclecars’ highly anticipated debut album, seamlessly blending House to Techno, to Soul and Jazz, to R&B, to Ambient, and beyond. Crafted with meticulous artistry, the album transcends musical boundaries, providing a sonic journey for both the dance floor and introspective contemplation. As a harmonious convergence of the music genres that inspire them, Brandon Weems and Craig Handfield invite listeners to explore the rich tapestry of black experiences embedded within its musical narrative.

Format: Digital
Release Date: February 23rd, 2024

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