MF Robots

Mother Funkin' Robots

Nr: BBE646SDG22020

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Fresh from opening salvo ‘Happy Song’, dynamic duo MF Robots move another step closer to the release of new album ‘Break The Wall’ with ultra-funky second single ‘Mother Funkin’Robots’.

A red hot mid-tempo stepper with tonnes of attitude, the tough groove and insanely tight performance captured on ‘Mother Funkin’ Robots’ wouldn’t sound out of place on a vintage Tower Of Power or Maceo Parker LP.

Rocket propelled by tour-de-force performances from Alex Montaque (clav/keys), NazAdamson (bass), Mark Beaney (guitar), BenTreacher (sax) and Jack Birchwood (trumpet) alongside Jan Kincaid’s rock-solid drumming and Dawn Joseph’s powerful vocal, ‘Mother Funkin’ Robots’ is the product of a wild jam session that took place in a boiling Brixton rehearsal room sometime in 2019.

Featuring a soul-stirring breakdown complete with soul-claps and presented with a special extended instrumental version for funk purists, ‘Mother Funkin’ Robots’ is to be unleashed on November 6th 2020.

Format: Digital
Release date: November 06, 2020

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