Mauvaise Ambiance

Nr: BAT001SDG22020

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Inspired by the state of our contemporary societies, Belgican (Belgian / African) rapper Badi continues his journey toward the release of album Trouble Fête with this tragi-comic and catchy new track, Mauvaise Ambiance (Bad Atmosphere), produced by Boddhi Satva.

Mauvaise Ambiance gets straight to the point with powerful Afro-infused electronic beats and dark strings, over which Badi’s intense lyrics paint a dystopian picture, deftly weaving past and present together in a damning indictment of cultural relations in 2020: “This is Belgica, land of beer and NVA, Severed hands and saveloys, Responsible for Lumumba’s death…”

Imbued with Belgian-style surrealism, the video for Mauvaise Ambiance pays tribute to one of its greatest masters, René Magritte.

This video was directed in collaboration with the talented video artist 13, features the great twin dancers Les Mybalés and shot at Café Congo, a key alternative venue in Brussels.

Mauvaise Ambiance is released on Batakari, a brand new collaborative imprint from Boddhi Satva and BBE Music founder Peter Adarkwah. The album Trouble Fête (Kill-joy / Spoilsport – literally ‘party disruptor’) will be available early in October 2020.

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